Shared Hosting v/s WordPress Hosting – Which is ideally Suited for Your Company?

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Shared Hosting v/s WordPress Hosting – Which is ideally Suited for Your Company?

Hosting is the mandatory factor for online business as most of the websites run successfully with the help of right hosting services. The business owners can avail the dedicated hosting or managed hosting services. Most of the businesses are not able to decide for the best hosting service for them. So, let us check out the details about the shared hosting or the managed WordPress hosting.


What exactly is Shared Hosting?

It is a part of the server space that many online businesses use them at one time. Mostly the start-ups opt for this shared space. As this is the cheapest option, and the new business houses lack funds so the shared hosting seems the best option. However, this may not benefit the business house in the end when the business witness an expansion.


Pros of Shared Hosting Services

  • It proves helpful for the start-ups, as this is one of the cheapest options.
  • It can be upgraded further to other hosting services whenever the business owners want to update it.
  • This is the best fit for the business houses that are unsure about their present business so for a small period this hosting service works well.

Cons of Shared Hosting

  • The sites that work upon shared hosting may operate slowly if there is an issue with the server.
  • The other factor that affects this type of hosting service is that not only the server space but also the processing power, bandwidth, and storage.
  • It is not at all customized or tailor-made for the WordPress based websites.


Get Familiar with Managed WordPress Hosting

The managed WordPress hosting comes with greater options as the site is custom-made for the particular WordPress website of the business firm. This caters to the needs of the WordPress sites as it comes equipped with salient features of the sites too. They assist in managing the website traffic, utilize the power of the server, provide speed and improved performance of the online website of the business owner.


Benefits of WordPress Hosting

  • The foremost factor is speed for the website so this type of hosting server works well with the customized WordPress website of the business house. It provides fast loading of the web pages, better navigation, etc. that can put the firm higher in Google Search rankings.
  • This hosting service is great for maintaining the security of the WordPress site as the service provides gives away virus scan, daily security package, and protective cover from DDoS attacks, possess advanced security protocols and much more.
  • The WordPress hosting also helps in the automatic backup of the website and if in any case the site is damaged, this hosting service one can bring their full website back.


Disadvantages of WordPress Hosting

  • This hosting service is quite expensive as compared to other hosting services because it is custom tailor to needs of one owner only.
  • Since it manages the WordPress sites so the business owners won’t be able to run other systems like Drupal or Joomla.



From above, the beneficial effects and cons of the WordPress hosting and shared hosting are clear and the business owner can choose them according to their budget and requirements of the business. If the business has good investments, wants security and support then managed WordPress hosting service proves better. If the business is having a limited budget and is just on the verge of starting, then Shared Hosting service will do in a superior way.

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